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11 Jan 2011

Creative Freedom
Our bags are for travel – so why not help great ideas travel too? Every Blank Canvas project is created to support projects or people who inspire creativity, action and positive change. In this spirit, they’re made from recycled and sustainable materials.


Ideas are important, they help the world go round the right way.

Our collaborations span a wide community of thinkers, makers and doers from The Do Lectures, Miscellaneous Adventures to Oliver East.

Blank Canvas is our way of celebrating great ideas through the one thing we do best – bags. We are open to working with great ideas and people alike and would love to hear from you too.

100% Recycled Polyester

We use 100% recycled polyester for the outer fabric in our Blank Canvas projects.

Also developed by our partner HOYU, this is a 1000D Rose Canvas weave with a PU1000mm waterproof back coating. We make this from post-consumer PET bottles, weaving the RPET yarn into a strong canvas that achieves 2000+ Newtons in strength testing. We then brush the fabric to give it more of a cotton-like feel.

Our Blank Canvas design effectively recycles 40 PET bottles for each bag in the collection.


Our Blank Canvas collection is our simplest pack. 18L in capacity but with the considered details such as the external laptop sleeve and gear stash pocket as well as internal organisation. Most importantly the bag is 100% waterproof.

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