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Why Travel?

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06 Jan 2011

Why travel?

By Jorrit, Co-founder of Millican

Ask a thousand people and you’ll get a thousand variations on the same answer: because travelling makes us feel alive.

Travelling changed me in ways I never thought possible. There is no better test of independence, resourcefulness and mindfulness. You have to live in the present, learn how to let go, release control. You learn how to deal with living in the now. It sharpens your mind and softens your spirit. It’s the best antidote for restlessness. It’s a tonic that we should all drink from.

Adventure connects us to people and the planet. It gives us a reason, a purpose. It demands our creativity and playfulness. It turns thinkers into doers. It reminds us that we need to change – to make more conscious choices, zig left when other zag right, to look at the world around us in wonder and be curious enough to ask questions.

My own reason for travel has changed in unexpected ways over the years. In the beginning it was about exploration and escape, but over time this has shifted. Travel became an internal journey, one of inscape. This is something we need now more than ever. Time to reflect and to connect with each other, to do things in our own time, not to rush through life.

We started Millican to make others feel this alive. To inspire them with tales from the trail, to search out the unknown, to open eyes and hearts and minds, to help people discover what they might at one point have lost in themselves – the maverick that resides deep inside all of us. Millican is about making travel a more meaningful part of our everyday lives, making time for it – and by seeing it as a way to create better versions of ourselves.